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12:08 pm VisIt Feature #3000 (Pending): visit install for llnl coral systems
ray. rzmantz, shark, and when available: sierra
requested by Brian Ryujin


05:49 pm VisIt Bug #2990 (Resolved): make install framework symlink issue with qwt
We have seen this off and on, it would be good to get to the bottom of what creates these bad symlinks, or some how h...
05:01 pm VisIt Feature #2969: Patch pyside2
got hit by this issue, here the compiler error just to doc the symptom (not sure if its in another ticket or not)
04:51 pm VisIt Bug #2989 (Resolved): build_visit osx thousands of lines of output when installing qt
Debugging some build_visit issues, I noticed the build visit log entries related to qt seem to have grown quite a bit...


12:22 pm VisIt Bug #2986 (Pending): visit -nosplash undermines screen measurements for 2.13.0 on osx

Details from users list:
It is not an alias problem. I remove the alias.
$ type visit


02:07 pm VisIt Bug #2975 (Pending): fortran uintah issue with 2.13.0 osx 10.11 build
Error opening plugin file: /Users/harrison37/Desktop/


01:05 pm VisIt Bug #2949: replace mode-specific json files in baseline dir with more logic in scripts
Here is an example:
{"bestline_3_00.png" : "scalable_parallel",...
12:57 pm VisIt Bug #2974 (Pending): pc plot point rendering settings doesn't obey settings
The size seems to do something, but other options don't work.
(this is for the case where we set the rending mod...


06:10 pm VisIt Bug #2955 (Pending): visit doesn't group long style blueprint root files
blueprint plugin supports sevearl root file extnetions, the most common is "root", but it also supports


12:58 pm VisIt Feature #2948 (Pending): Add support for MOF Material Interface Reconstruction
Maxwell Osawe at LLNL is developing a MOF Material Interface Reconstruction scheme.
To support codes using the sc...

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