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02:24 pm VisIt Feature #1916: New Features for 2.8
Updating requirements that should be compatible with VisIt 2.8.1 requirements. All of these functions use the Experim...


12:35 pm VisIt Bug #1931 (Resolved): Exodus reader issues
There are several exodus reader problems.
1. FaceList rendering doesn't render anything.
2. Some mesh elements t...


02:12 pm VisIt Feature #1916 (Pending): New Features for 2.8
Hi all,
Few new upcoming features targeted for VisIt 2.8.
1. Access to Remote File Dialog from VisItProxy.
2. ...


01:52 pm VisIt Feature #1701 (Pending): Upgrade to Python 2.7.6

Python 2.7.6 was released on November 10, 2013. This is a 2.7 series...


06:02 pm VisIt Bug #1651: build_visit2_7_0 fails building python with icc.
Hi Eric,
The Python error may not be critical (at least for now)..
Looks like Qt is configuring the AR command ...


04:30 pm VisIt Bug #1643 (Pending): Make VisIt's Python support work under different conditions
CLI & Engine should work under System/Alternate Python. Especially if we plan to allow on working with external Pytho...
04:25 pm VisIt Bug #1639 (Developer Review): Add "import" button to new remote host profiles interface
Updating to Developer Review.


02:52 pm VisIt Feature #1568 (Resolved): osxfixup improvement
Committed to trunk r21745
Please confirm this works under make package, make install under different Mac OSX varia...


02:19 pm VisIt Bug #1470 (Resolved): All VTK_DEFINITIONS parameters are not getting passed at compile time leadi...
Hi all,
Functions such as ADD_TARGET_DEFINITIONS() are getting called with parameters such as the one below


04:03 pm VisIt Feature #1317 (Pending): Add support for Getting Image Data and Depth Buffer in CLI
Add support Getting ImageWindow as a buffer in CLI.

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