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07:34 pm VisIt Bug #3112 (Resolved): Viewer window turns black on certain expose and mouse events.
I've built the trunk and ran VisIt using Qt 5.6.1 on a Mac running OSX 10.12.6. I'm running with a white background, ...


01:43 am VisIt Bug #3104 (Pending): GUI is not showing scalar variables for blueprint file.
When I open the attached blueprint root file using VisIt on the trunk, the scalar variables do not show up in the Pse...


06:42 pm VisIt Bug #3068 (Resolved): Volume plot trilinear interpolation seems broken
I found a problem I introduced in the avtVolumeFilter in how it makes the avtOpacityMap used for compositing. There w...


06:50 pm VisIt Bug #3062 (New): VTK8 Wave.silo picture normals look cell-centered for node-centered variable.
After the VTK 8.1 update, I plotted wave.silo's "pressure" variable and the normals look cell-centered whereas before...


07:18 pm VisIt Bug #3024: Limit Subset plot legend items to 100-200 items.
I put in some code to just print the number of subsets in the Subset plot legend if it's above 100. I also made some ...
07:08 pm VisIt Bug #3022 (Resolved): 130K domain dataset causes machine to run out of memory.
I checked in a change to the RC that prevents the parallel coordinate colleague from being stupid and making a zillio...
02:48 pm VisIt Bug #3026: Change multicolor data storage for ColorControlPointList state object.
It's ColorAttributeList that needs the changes.


06:29 pm VisIt Feature #3027 (Pending): Make it easier to add new launchers in host profiles menu.
I recently made a customlaucher to hijack an existing sbatch/mpirun launcher to run a different launcher. I did this ...
06:20 pm VisIt Bug #3026 (Pending): Change multicolor data storage for ColorControlPointList state object.
This state object is used for plots such as Subset. Internally, it stores colors as a vector of ColorAttribute object...
06:06 pm VisIt Feature #3025 (Pending): Change plots so their legends and annotations are never created unless t...
The avtSubset plot creates a ton of text actors in its legend when given a dataset with a large number of domains (13...

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