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Reported issues: 477


01:18 pm VisIt Bug #3109: Issue with VISITUSERHOME incorrect on Windows on LLNL systems
VISITUSERHOME is functioning as designed. The problem is that it has been set as a SYSTEM variable on a diskless imag...


01:02 pm VisIt Bug #3102 (New): Engine hangs with .pvtu files.
David Zwick reported this on users list.
He has time-varying .pvtu files. When opened with visit in parallel, the en...


08:11 pm VisIt Feature #999: Add UNC path support on Windows.
Minor changes can be made that allow VisIt's file dialogs and path-parsing logic to work with UNC paths.
This will h...


04:36 pm VisIt Bug #3077 (Pending): PLOT3D test hangs my X-server
Running the test suite on my local linux, the PLOT3D test hangs my X-server.
don't know what it's doing with the ove...
12:23 pm VisIt Bug #3073 (Resolved): Mesh plot creates artefacts for other plots in a visit session
I modified how Mesh plot is mapped. The output from the mesh filter is now two datasets, one for the mesh lines and...


02:16 pm VisIt Bug #3074 (Pending): Mesh Plot's opaque color buttons remain disabled after deleting other plot
There is logic in Mesh Plot's gui window to disable the opaque color options when opaque mode 'auto' and it is deemed...


04:28 pm VisIt Bug #3073 (Resolved): Mesh plot creates artefacts for other plots in a visit session
Investigating meshtype regression tests for emptydomains, I noticed a 'highlight' artefact on the pseudocolor plots.


05:54 pm VisIt Bug #3068 (Resolved): Volume plot trilinear interpolation seems broken
I noticed it after putting SLIVR ray casting back into the trunk, and spent some time trying to figure out what I did...


12:24 pm VisIt Feature #3067 (Pending): Volume plot python shortcut for changing color table.
This came up on the user's list. The desire to change the color table used by the volume plot as simply as it can be...


10:26 pm VisIt Bug #3056: clonecopy/lineout tests in skip list
Running clonecopy.py (on surface) through gdb, yields this stack trace:...

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