This redmine project site is devoted to LLNL's contract with HDF Group to address HPC specific enhancements of HDF5 library. A detailed statement of work is here.

This site will serve as a platform for all project related documentation and to provide visibility on project planning and progress. [Added by Neelam]

The material here is not presently organized in any particular way. As the project evolves, all participants should feel free to re-organize material as necessary including adding editing existing pages, adding new pages, and/or changing overall structure of the wiki. All developer's comments are welcomed and encouraged. Since the material is revision controlled. No one should worry about making changes that result in some loss of something somone else valued.

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chunk_write_actions.doc.pdf - Flowchart and description of actions HDF5 lib takes during H5Dwrite (453.2 KB) Mark Miller, 02/17/2011 11:21 am

load_core_file_driver_from_image_RFC_v04.pdf - File Image RFC, v4 (195.7 KB) Quincey Koziol, 06/09/2011 07:20 am

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