Silo 4.10.1 Release Announcement

Added by Mark Miller over 3 years ago

PLEASE NOTE: There is a missing feature in Silo 4.10.1 causing link-time compatibility failures with Silo-4.10. Please use Silo-4.10.2


Organization of information in this announcement

  • Important information regarding this release.
  • Bugs fixed in this release.

Important information regarding this release.

Bugs fixed in this release

  • Fixed problems with handling empty DBmatspecies objects.
  • Fixed problems compiling some 64 bit literal constants used for data read masks by adding 'ULL' suffix to indicate to the compiler that they should be treated as unsigned long long.
  • Fixed problems with Fortran header file generation.
  • Fixed incorrect handling of datatype for extface argument of DBPutPHZonelist in HDF5 driver (Thanks to Jeffrey Johnson for the fix!).
  • Fixed a UMR causing corrupted zonetype array data for the zonelist read as part of a DBGetUcdmesh call on the HDF5 driver when reading very old Silo files.


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