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simplified interface to fix rendering artifacts when poyglons >> pixels

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Forgetting for a moment the mapping of colors to magnitudes, it is the case that the solution should be symmetric about the edge at which those two front-facing faces meet, e.g., the temperatures at F and H are the same, as are those at G and I. This symmetry is represented nicely by the contour representation, and definitely not by the pseudocolor . . .

MultiresControl only lets me change set resolution=0 or 1, and it’s doesn’t make any difference in the PC plot.

Attached are one of the original figures I sent you (from last Friday), and a figure I just generated. Note that the one from today is nice and symmetric about the field maximum; I generated it by applying ExternalSurface+SubdivideQuads to the PC. I am kind of wondering if you (i.e., the Visit team) can combine these into a “high accuracy” option in the PC plot attributes . .

See attached example pictures

polygons_bigger_than_pixels_example (288.1 KB) Mark Miller, 08/08/2017 08:34 am

polygons_bigger_than_pixels_example2 (294.4 KB) Mark Miller, 08/08/2017 08:34 am

polygons_bigger_than_pixels_example3 - Final, correct image (321.4 KB) Mark Miller, 08/08/2017 08:36 am

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