Feature #2801

Does our ANSYS reader need an update?

Added by Kathleen Biagas 12 months ago. Updated 11 months ago.

Status:Resolved Start:04/06/2017
Priority:Normal Due date:
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Target version:2.13.0 Estimated time:4.00 hours
Found in Version:2.12.1 OS:All
Impact:3 - Medium Support Group:Any
Expected Use:3 - Occasional


We had a customer email the users list with the attached file that VisIt cannot read parse correctly.
It is supposed to be compatible with ANSYS ADPL.

I stepped through with the debugger on windows, looking at how the ansys reader parses the nblock lines and first line of coordinate values:

1 9.1666666666667E+003 9.1666666666667E+003 9.1666666666667E+003

Either the reader isn't parsing the values correctly, or there is something wrong with the data file.

I could not find a file-format specification online to verify if the problem is with the data or the reader.

(BTW< reading on Linux yields same results)

cubeF.inp (1.1 MB) Kathleen Biagas, 04/06/2017 02:26 pm


Updated by Eric Brugger 11 months ago

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Updated by Mark Miller 11 months ago

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There are a few different issues effecting behavior here not the least of which is some confusing ANSYS file format documentation where the NBLOCK directive and format string are described. See avtANSYSFileFormat.C::Interpret() method comments for details. Short story, most ANSYS files use a standard method for NBLOCK data and I think newer software has tried to optimize it a bit to either avoid unnecessary whitespace columns in ascii files or to faithfully encode field counts and this has lead to challenges in our ansys reader for newer ansys data files.

I made a correction which reads all our existing files and reads the newer file.

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