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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assigned to Updated Target version Support Group OS
3142 VisItBugNewNormalOS X High Sierra IssuesKevin Griffin05/18/2018 06:15 pmAnyOSX
3141 VisItBugNewNormaltrunk: style differences between developer build and install on osxCyrus Harrison05/18/2018 12:15 pmAnyAll
3140 VisItBugNewNormalneed to find right bsub magic for coral systemsCyrus Harrison05/17/2018 04:30 pm2.13.2AnyAll
3139 VisItBugNewNormalVTK8 - A surface plot with mesh lines has shaded lines instead of unshaded lines in scalable parallelEric Brugger05/17/2018 01:29 pm3.0AnyAll
3138 VisItBugNewNormalVTK8 - There is some weird text rendering artifact in a parallel label testEric Brugger05/17/2018 01:24 pm3.0AnyAll
3137 VisItBugNewNormalVTK8 - There appear to be some ghost zones missing when the inverse ghost zone operator is applied to an AMR meshEric Brugger05/17/2018 01:22 pm3.0AnyAll
3136 VisItBugNewNormalVTK8 - Persistent particle tests show some diffsEric Brugger05/17/2018 01:20 pm3.0AnyAll
3135 VisItBugNewNormalVTK8 - There is a potential line rendering issue with the lines being broken up in a mesh plotEric Brugger05/17/2018 01:18 pm3.0AnyAll
3134 VisItBugNewNormalVTK8 - One of the displacement operator tests shows a fairly significant differenceEric Brugger05/17/2018 01:17 pm3.0AnyAll
3133 VisItBugNewNormalVTK8 - A couple of the LC tests generate a loop, in the baseline the loop is thicker so perhaps the path goes around several times with a slight difference in path with the baselineEric Brugger05/17/2018 12:47 pm3.0AnyAll
3132 VisItBugNewNormalVTK8 - Vector plot appears to be missing some vectors in comparison with baseline.Eric Brugger05/17/2018 12:36 pm3.0AnyAll
3131 VisItBugNewNormalVTK8 - Pseudocolor plot of curv3d, looks like normals are wrongEric Brugger05/17/2018 12:35 pm3.0AnyAll
3130 VisItBugNewNormalVTK8 - Known volume rendering differences which should be looked into.Eric Brugger05/17/2018 11:55 am3.0AnyAll
3129 VisItBugPendingNormalVTK8 - Render points are significantly different size.Eric BruggerKathleen Biagas05/17/2018 01:26 pm3.0AnyAll
3128 VisItBugNewNormalVTK8 - and are both failing with exit unknown errorsEric BruggerCyrus Harrison05/17/2018 12:42 pm3.0AnyAll
3127 VisItBugNewNormalVTK8 - Different shadows are appearing in this test. May need investigation.Eric Brugger05/17/2018 11:49 am3.0AnyAll
3126 VisItBugNewNormalVTK8 - simulation/mesh crashes and an image is missingEric Brugger05/17/2018 12:39 pm3.0AnyAll
3125 VisItBugPendingNormalVTK8 - There appears to be a slight 2d view change, we should investigate thisEric BruggerEric Brugger05/17/2018 12:19 pm3.0AnyAll
3124 VisItBugPendingNormalVTK8 - There is what appears to be an extra axis line in a 3d image, we should investigateEric BruggerKevin Griffin05/17/2018 12:19 pm3.0AnyAll
3123 VisItBugPendingNormalVTK8 - The triad line thickness is incorrect when restoring from a sessionEric BruggerAlister Maguire05/17/2018 12:18 pm3.0AnyAll
3122 VisItBugPendingNormalVTK8 - The curve test with scaling has the curve missing in the baseline but not in current, a bug fixed?Eric BruggerAlister Maguire05/17/2018 12:18 pm3.0AnyAll
3121 VisItBugPendingNormalVTK8 - Curves with a line marker are missing the line Eric BruggerAlister Maguire05/17/2018 12:17 pm3.0AnyAll
3120 VisItBugPendingNormalVTK8 - Curves with a single marker a different color are the same colorEric BruggerAlister Maguire05/17/2018 12:17 pm3.0AnyAll
3119 VisItBugPendingNormalVTK8 - Curve markers are sometimes distortedEric BruggerAlister Maguire05/17/2018 12:18 pm3.0AnyAll
3118 VisItBugPendingNormalVTK8 - Curves sometimes have fewer markers nowEric BruggerAlister Maguire05/17/2018 12:18 pm3.0AnyAll

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