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12:44 pm VisIt Bug #2851 (Pending): Spelling check_3rd_party_sat cmake macro
The check_3rd_party_sat cmake macro is misspelled;
It should be:
(Thanks to Jean...


05:06 pm VisIt Feature #2840 (Pending): Add support for CTH data files
Add a db reader for CTH data, CTH folks will provide info about the file format.


04:36 pm VisIt Bug #2836: Data Binning Bug
Here is the direct link to the script:
04:35 pm VisIt Bug #2836 (Pending): Data Binning Bug
Here is the email I sent committing a test case that demos the issue:
Hi Everyone,
This adds an...
01:22 pm VisIt Bug #2831 (Resolved): Using an expression with value_for_material with material selection crashes...
Hi Everyone,
This update adds an error message when either val4mat or specmf are used when material interface reco...


07:07 pm VisIt Bug #2835 (Pending): MIROccured in data atts doesn't change after materials turned back on
I encountered this in the new pre-exe for val4mat and specmf, filters:
avtDataAttributes &datts = GetInput()->Get...


04:21 pm VisIt Feature #2830 (Pending): update to conduit 0.3.0 and release initial blueprint plugin
04:09 pm VisIt Bug #2820 (Resolved): hang when rendering with -nowin in Visit 2.12.2
Hi Everyone,
Fixed a bug in Engine::GatherData() where the number of global cells
returned from a network was...
01:59 pm VisIt Bug #2820: hang when rendering with -nowin in Visit 2.12.2
this is a SR triggering issue, its unrelated to -nowin. (MIR settings were slightly different between my two test c...


02:31 pm VisIt Feature #2747 (Resolved): consider seeding rng for mfem
Hi Everyone,
This change seeds the rng with domain id before calling mfem's coloring algo.
Resolves: 2747

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