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11:59 am VisIt Bug #2720 (Pending): Colormap legend is not correct for current plot and sometimes for original data
I have a two level data set. Here are the result of min/max from the query.
Original Data:
sigmaT4/0 -- Min = 0 (...


01:44 pm VisIt Bug #2712 (Pending): vtkCleanPolydata
With the ability to draw curves as tubes and ribbons as well as end points via Pseudocolor plot curves must be "clean...


03:01 pm VisIt Bug #2675 (Resolved): Configuration failure if UINTAH not available.
Added check for the variable: Committed revision 29203/4.


02:12 pm VisIt Feature #2531: Enhance streamline plot to allow arrows along the streamline
Note streamline plot is deprecated as of 2.11 and is replaced with the IntegralCurve operator and Pseudocolor Plot.


05:55 pm VisIt Bug #2629 (Resolved): FindVisItQt5.cmake with Darwin
With Darwin this call fails:
because the libraries do not ...
05:17 pm VisIt Bug #2616: Test QT5 on mac and fix any issues.
Images of the 2 window.
05:16 pm VisIt Bug #2616: Test QT5 on mac and fix any issues.
Finally adding some notes to issues that I see.
The first three buttons of the view window are obscured. See first...


05:02 pm VisIt Bug #2518 (Pending): svn_bin/visit-install
We need to make svn_bin/visit-install more generic so that when a new site is added to resources/hosts that visit-ins...


05:50 pm VisIt Bug #2491 (Resolved): Upgrade to Python 2.7.11
I am suggesting we upgrade to Python 2.7.11. I found that on OS X 10.11 that python's internal struct did not build c...


03:29 pm VisIt Bug #2207 (Pending): netCDF reader and auto domain decomposition
When reading a netcdf with the basic reader in parallel the domain decomposition works but only one domain gets rende...

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