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12:26 pm VisIt Docs #2973 (Pending): Hisotgram plot: add additional text to sphinx documentation
Since the original documentation, the histogram attributes window has many more bells ans whistles. I don't know what...


02:21 pm VisIt Bug #2934 (Pending): vtkMultiBlock has incorrect extents with some ImageData vti files
I investigated the visit avtVTKFileReader class and I identified the problem. VisIt expects the file containing the d...


05:20 pm VisIt Feature #2559 (Resolved): Support multi-component global node and zone ids/labels
05:10 pm VisIt Feature #2562 (Resolved): Support groups of picks
05:09 pm VisIt Feature #2854 (Resolved): Return multiple pick results
05:08 pm VisIt Feature #2854: Return multiple pick results
This now works correctly. A python dictionary is returned with all pick results indexed by the zone/element id (which...


06:18 pm VisIt Feature #2855 (Pending): Add ability to remove a single pick instead of clearing all
Currently, we only have the ability to clear all picks. GrizIt supports creating an on-screen selection that highligh...
06:08 pm VisIt Feature #2854 (Resolved): Return multiple pick results
We already support picking multiple elements through a single call, however, only the last pick result is returned th...


05:20 pm VisIt Feature #2691 (Pending): Enhancements to reflection operator
There is a request for enhancements to the reflection operator to better support GrizIt. The are two distinct but rel...


02:12 pm VisIt Feature #382 (Resolved): Add capability to hilite picked zones
Resolving this duplicate ticket since the work was already completed.

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