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10:18 pm VisIt Bug #2911 (Resolved): Print Window disabled for QT 5
03:09 pm VisIt Bug #2911: Print Window disabled for QT 5
The PMSessionPrintDialog method was deprecated and is no longer available for OS X causing it not build. Skipped usin...
01:37 pm VisIt Bug #2918 (New): fastbit build directory doesn't match bv_fastbit FASTBIT_BUILD_DIR
When running build_visit on the trunk (2.13.0) on OS X the untarring of


08:55 pm VisIt Feature #2840 (Resolved): Add support for CTH data files

I’ve added a new file reader for the SPCTH (Spy) file format.

svn commit -m "New file reader f...


07:21 pm VisIt Feature #2916 (New): Update Detailed list of file formats VisIt supports for SPCTH
Need to add the SPCTH (Spy) file format to the list of file formats VisIt supports once 2.13.0 is released. (Update h...
06:39 pm VisIt Feature #2914 (New): Parallel optimizations for SPCTH reader
Look into what parallel optimizations are need for the SPCTH reader
06:36 pm VisIt Feature #2913 (New): Support for 1D SPCTH files
Does it makes sense to support 1D SPCTH files in VisIt?


04:08 pm VisIt Feature #2889 (Rejected): Movie Wizard Improvement
A VisIt user, Thomas Shepard, suggested adding a "time lock" option for the viewers in the movie wizard. He wanted to...
12:18 pm VisIt Bug #2888: Scatter plot issue
Hello Kevin,

Thanks for your prompt reply. The problem also happens if I try to set things up
from the plot list...
11:02 am VisIt Bug #2888 (Resolved): Scatter plot issue

I have an intermittent but serious problem with scatter diagrams. Sometimes
(not always) when I select v...

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