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03:21 pm VisIt Bug #2870 (New): Should Min/max labels also use current plot values?
When 'Use Current Plot' is selected for limits in the Pseudocolor plot attributes the legend's limits update but not ...
11:57 am VisIt Bug #2869 (New): Extrude operator doesn't support unstructured, polygon data
The extrude operator doesn't support polygon cells for unstructured, 2D data. This can be verified in the source code...


10:32 am VisIt Bug #2862 (New): VisIt still shows a dialog for selecting serial or parallel when a launch profil...
In 'Host profiles' -> Launch profiles, if you make a profile default VisIt will still popup a dialog asking you to se...


10:16 am VisIt Bug #2852 (Pending): Trouble making movie using low opacity value
Dear VisIt developper,
Hope it's the good place to report some bug I've experienced on VisIt. If not, please send ...


01:34 pm VisIt Bug #2850 (Pending): Time label not updated in Viewer for XDMF files
Dear all,
I use visit 2.12.2 to visualize timeseries of 2d/3d fields, usually in
the XDMF format. I write each fi...


02:37 pm VisIt Bug #2847 (Pending): xml2plugin generates wrong function prototype for avtDatabaseWriter
The avt*Writer file generated by xml2plugin creates the wrong function signature for WriterHeaders.
virtual void ...


01:30 pm VisIt Bug #2842 (Pending): QT4 Doesn't build on macOS 10.12
It looks like QT4 hasn't been building on the latest MAC OS (macOS 10.12) and developers have been using QT5 instead.


12:39 pm VisIt Bug #2833: Restore session doesn't always track restore if a plot is hidden.
I couldn't reproduce this bug. I had 3 databases open from different directories as well as plots in 4 windows. Sent ...


05:58 pm VisIt Bug #2742 (Resolved): VisIt 2.12.1 doesn't plot SPH data
SPH data is plottable in 2.12.2. There is already a test in the test suite (operators/ that used one ...


09:42 pm VisIt Bug #2825 (Resolved): expressions involving multiple matvf functions are incorrect

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