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Reported issues: 478


06:42 pm VisIt Bug #2977 (Resolved): Query over time stores results in single precision.
I committed revisions 31995 and 31997 to the 2.13 RC and trunk with
the following changes:
1) I modified VisIt to...


08:39 pm VisIt Bug #2977 (Resolved): Query over time stores results in single precision.
Raymond Ryckman reported that he was doing a query over time where the time values varied in the 9th and 10th signifi...


01:02 pm VisIt Bug #2949 (Pending): replace mode-specific json files in baseline dir with more logic in scripts
01:00 pm VisIt Feature #2948 (Pending): Add support for MOF Material Interface Reconstruction
12:57 pm VisIt Bug #2947 (Pending): The color table has an extraneous label with discrete color tables.
12:54 pm VisIt Bug #2946 (Pending): The arrows on the 3d line annotations are flat.
This may just be a matter of changing the default number of facets to use.
12:51 pm VisIt Bug #2945 (Pending): mdserver hangs when using machine-specific host profile during File Open
12:49 pm VisIt Bug #2944 (Pending): ProtienDataBank plugin interferes with Portable Database Files


03:13 pm VisIt Feature #2970 (New): Improve python expression documentation
Jose Milovich called and said he wanted to use the python expression to create an expression that calculated a custom...


04:49 pm VisIt Feature #2959 (New): Would like a secondary y axis for curve plots.
Dinesh Shetty requested how to have a secondary y axis. This is presumably for plotting multiple curves with wildly d...

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