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Reported issues: 481


06:27 pm VisIt Bug #2993 (Pending): OpenSUSE leap 42.3 build errors
It looks like multiple patches have failed, so perhaps there is a difference in syntax for patches with OpenSUSE.
06:25 pm VisIt Bug #2992 (Pending): import numpy broken on chaos5 systems in 2.13.0.
06:25 pm VisIt Bug #2983 (Pending): Labels cut off at mesh boundary when rendering in parallel.
06:22 pm VisIt Bug #2775 (Pending): Windows nectdf reader Cannot open file generated using ncdf4 package in R.
Kathleen will update to the new netcdf for netcdf reader and use the old version for mfixcdf.


03:09 pm VisIt Bug #2992 (Pending): import numpy broken on chaos5 systems in 2.13.0.
Philip Powell reported that import numpy doesn't work on zin. I looked at my build logs for visit and there was a com...


01:03 pm VisIt Bug #2862 (Rejected): VisIt still shows a dialog for selecting serial or parallel when a launch p...
01:02 pm VisIt Bug #2870 (Pending): Should Min/max labels also use current plot values?
We should add some more text making it clear that those values are original limits. Perhaps a line above the limits w...
12:57 pm VisIt Feature #2875 (Pending): Change default mode for animation play to once and not loop
The default in the animation window to "play once".
12:53 pm VisIt Bug #2881 (Pending): py_exprs test fails in parallel on Windows
12:50 pm VisIt Bug #2884 (Pending): xdmf plugin not handling n x 1 x 1 or n x 1 arrays correctly

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