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04:52 pm VisIt Feature #2887: ALCF updates
I committed revision 31581 to the trunk with the following change:
1) I removed the host profiles for the ALCF cos...


07:06 pm VisIt Feature #2907 (Pending): PySide2 -- change build_visit to build/install using python setup.
07:04 pm VisIt Feature #2905 (Rejected): Enhance Pick to work when hidden plots are selected as well.
We decided that Jose really doesn't want to pick a hidden plot, he wants it to pick on what he picked on the screen. ...
06:52 pm VisIt Bug #2904 (Pending): Issues with big quads
06:49 pm VisIt Feature #2901 (Pending): Should build_visit automatically enable dependents ?
06:46 pm VisIt Feature #2900 (Pending): affect prefs via database flags
06:45 pm VisIt Bug #2898 (Pending): Techplot reader crashes when variable names contain parentheses.
06:44 pm VisIt Feature #2899 (Pending): Better support for non-conforming meshes
06:42 pm VisIt Feature #2897 (Rejected): Improve the ability to make movies with tiled output from multiple wind...
Adding more controls to the movie wizard is not a direction we really want to go. It is possible to do all the things...
06:37 pm VisIt Feature #2895 (Pending): Investigate how to do minimal cleanup on exit

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