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02:21 pm VisIt Bug #2988 (Pending): Pick range-output dictionary slightly wrong
from the test suite output for queries/pick.py PickRangeLabel:
{'brick 18': {'': None, 'pick_letter': 'brick 18', ...


04:49 pm VisIt Bug #2775 (New): Windows nectdf reader Cannot open file generated using ncdf4 package in R.
Putting back in new state for re-review, another customer has bumped into the problem on Windows.
Perhaps we split...


05:00 pm VisIt Feature #2923 (Resolved): Error messages from launcher on Windows
Added MessageBox error for mpiexe.exe not existing, and for VISITSSH being set in environment, but not pointing to va...
04:57 pm VisIt Bug #2269 (Resolved): VisIt hangs if user-set VISITSSH does not point to executable
Added extra checks, error message if VISITSSH exists in environment, but doesn't point to executable.
Visit will att...
04:34 pm VisIt Bug #1685 (New): image size save issues on Windows and Mac
This was fixed on Windows with a patch from Kitware for vtkWin32OpenGLRenderWindow. Became part of 2.13 release for W...


05:10 pm VisIt Bug #2978 (Resolved): VTK reader getting materials wrong for multi-block
04:34 pm VisIt Bug #2981 (Rejected): VisIt may not get number of materials correct from vtk multi-block datasets
VisIt only uses the material information contained in the first block, so if subsequent blocks have different materia...
04:22 pm VisIt Bug #2978: VTK reader getting materials wrong for multi-block
In the reader's GetAuxiliaryData method there is a call to GetVar, which was passing domain 0 instead of the requeste...
12:15 pm VisIt Bug #2978 (Resolved): VTK reader getting materials wrong for multi-block
VisIt is only reading material information for the first block in a multi-block dataset, and populating that informat...


01:14 pm VisIt Bug #2946: The arrows on the 3d line annotations are flat.
I noticed the arrowheads can also be too large for the line, so this should be addressed as well.
Open bigsil.silo.

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