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Reported issues: 445


12:48 pm VisIt Bug #2908 (Resolved): Bogus error message with FASTBIT when running CMake.
added logic for version messages to only occur if FASTBIT requested (eg VISIT_FASTBIT_DIR set).
12:47 pm VisIt Bug #2910 (Resolved): Getting warning message that PIDX not found when running CMake on cab.
Changed warning message to status message.
11:37 am VisIt Feature #2920 (New): Limit impact of Bad Find modules
Should we wrap our Find modules for optional Third Party libraries in something like ...


06:13 pm VisIt Bug #2815 (Resolved): add support for pvtk files that group legacy vtk.
Created a Parser for pvtk files, and added it to VTK reader.
M databases/VTK/VTKPluginInfo.C
A database...


10:25 pm VisIt Bug #2917 (Resolved): Using transparency with SR mode crashes parallel engine on Windows
avtTransparencyActor had an MPI_Allreduce call with MPI_UNSIGNED_LONG_LONG data type. MPI_MAX is not defined for thi...
04:32 pm VisIt Bug #2917 (Resolved): Using transparency with SR mode crashes parallel engine on Windows
Open any data file with parallel engine. Set SR mode to always.
Create Pseudocolor plot, draw. Change opacity mode t...


04:55 pm VisIt Bug #2286 (Resolved): Plot of .pvti data incorrect.
VisIt was copying the variable data incorrectly during the conversion from image data to rectilinear grid.
11:47 am VisIt Bug #2243: tube operator not showing line segments that are in the direction 1 1 1.
If POLYGONS cell type is changed to LINES, tube operator performs better.
11:23 am VisIt Feature #2871 (Resolved): Patch for VTK 8.0
Fixed on the vtk- port branch.


02:10 pm VisIt Bug #2911: Print Window disabled for QT 5
SVN Update 31489 re-enables the method for all platforms.
Added install of qt's printsupport plugin for windows, Win...

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