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01:14 pm VisIt Bug #2946: The arrows on the 3d line annotations are flat.
I noticed the arrowheads can also be too large for the line, so this should be addressed as well.
Open bigsil.silo.
10:59 am VisIt Bug #2971 (New): command recording for setting view returns too much information
If I change the 2D view, and use command recording to capture, this is what I see:...


06:45 pm VisIt Bug #2930 (Pending): gui segv's on exit after Command Recording used
Reverted the change, as it actually does cause crashes on Windows, just not on machines I tested with previously.


12:01 pm VisIt Bug #2956 (New): Move Visit to MSVC 2015
Ale3d for Windows has moved to MSVC2015, and they can no longer integrate with the libsim plugin due to incompatibili...


06:00 pm VisIt Bug #2950 (New): Cannot undo 'Use large icons' without restarting VisIt
I was playing with the viewer window popup menu, specifically the 'Customize' option.
I tried 'Use large icons', and...


07:42 pm VisIt Bug #2945 (Pending): mdserver hangs when using machine-specific host profile during File Open
The Windows installer creates a host profile for the machine on which it is installed, if the parallel components are...
11:22 am VisIt Bug #1950 (Resolved): Save window resolution limited to screen resolution.
Kitware fixed a problem with vtkWin32OpenGLRenderWindow, where a flag wasn't set correctly for offscreen mode. I app...


01:19 pm VisIt Bug #2936 (Pending): Error exporting time-curve from Pick Query on Mac
This was reported on the users list.
Customer is running MacOS Sierra 10.12.6. ...
12:59 pm VisIt Feature #2935 (Pending): Export/save curves with Matlab naming convention
Greg Burton would like the ability to save curve files with Matlab naming convention. From his email:


06:34 pm VisIt Bug #2930 (Resolved): gui segv's on exit after Command Recording used
QvisGUIApplication's destructor has logic to delete plot/operator/other windows. This logic was commented out for Wi...

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