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01:12 pm VisIt Feature #2987 (New): Add an expression to create missing data for a mesh
We support the concept of missing data in VisIt and several readers can serve up missing data.
However, for those ...


06:53 pm VisIt Feature #2256 (New): Improve interface for crash recovery files
Some similar feedback from Jay
> One relatively new thing that is annoying (and I’ve heard others grumble about it...


07:00 pm VisIt Bug #2985 (New): clip operator not generating ghost data
See attached picture.
It is two halfs of globe with clip operator applied.
Note the dark band due to missing gh...


07:59 pm VisIt Bug #2960 (Resolved): curve_cmfe template insert indicates 'meshname', should be 'curvename'
04:57 pm VisIt Bug #1685: image size save issues on Windows and Mac
I just tried 2.13.0 on my OSX system. 4096 remains the limit width and height. I've attached several pictures showing...


06:25 pm VisIt Bug #2891 (Resolved): visit 2.12.3 osx release dmg lacks data examples
This was resolved by ensuring masonry is always re-started from the top
05:58 pm VisIt Bug #2944 (Rejected): ProtienDataBank plugin interferes with Portable Database Files
Well, after checking on 2.13 and 2.10, I am unable to reproduce the issue whether or not PDB appears in the preferred...
05:05 pm VisIt Bug #2981: VisIt may not get number of materials correct from vtk multi-block datasets
We have similar problem with Exodus format.
But, I am told by Exodus developers at SNL, all Exodus files need to h...
05:01 pm VisIt Bug #2982 (Pending): always save rank 0 logs from engine regardless of processor stride
The engine supports a cool option to save logs only from some processors using a processor stride argument.
01:35 pm VisIt Docs #2979 (Pending): Make operators chapter more like plots chapter
The Operators and Plots chapters are not consistent in header formatting.
I kinda like the way Plots are done beca...

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