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11:53 pm VisIt Bug #2976 (New): Improve RTD integration
* We should have a single, top-level URL like
* From there, we should host all manuals (GUI, CL...


02:03 pm VisIt Feature #2968 (New): Wny not simplify all xxx_over_time expression functions to a single reducer
We have many xxx_over_time expression functions for average, min, max, sum.
The _over time_ aspect to these is hug...
01:14 pm VisIt Bug #2967 (New): consistent notation in expressions documentation
We need consistent notation for defining input args and return types of various expressions.
I know I have not bee...
11:26 am VisIt Bug #2966 (New): need fixed width font for expression parsing error messages
The expression parser generates useful error messages but because they are not displayed in fixed width font, they wi...
11:22 am VisIt Bug #2965 (New): Audit expressions for insert templates and their arg specs
Some of the expressions, when you insert them, display a useful template of the function and its args. But, many don'...
11:20 am VisIt Feature #2964 (New): sort expressions listed in sub-menus
Many of the sub-menus in expressions are nearly alphabetical but not quite. I believe items are listed in the order t...
11:19 am VisIt Feature #2963 (New): Audit expression functions for unification of fill value
In many expressions, there is a notion of a _fill value_ (what value to use in places on the mesh where there is _no ...
12:09 am VisIt Feature #2962 (New): Remove enumerate expression function; map subsumes it
Do we really need enumerate expression? The map expression seems to subsume all the functionality albeit at probably ...
12:07 am VisIt Feature #2961 (New): support fill-value in map() expression function
The map expression function maps any values not matching an entry in the input value list to -1. Seems like this coul...


05:21 pm VisIt Bug #2960 (New): curve_cmfe template insert indicates 'meshname', should be 'curvename'
When inserting curv_cmfe template into expression window, the template indicates a 'meshname' argument. It should be ...

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