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Reported issues: 593


08:34 am VisIt Feature #2885 (New): simplified interface to fix rendering artifacts when poyglons >> pixels
Forgetting for a moment the mapping of colors to magnitudes, it is the case that the solution should be symmetric abo...


09:04 pm VisIt Bug #2884 (New): xdmf plugin not handling n x 1 x 1 or n x 1 arrays correctly
09:04 pm VisIt Feature #2883 (New): enhance export dbs to turn on/off ghost zone writes


03:24 pm VisIt Bug #2875 (New): Animating curve plots behaves badly
So, I am doing a lot of 1D stuff for ATPESC. That means curve plots.
If I hit the 'play' button, VisIt *rips* throug...
03:19 pm VisIt Bug #2874 (New): Mac magic mouse behavior is problematic
We have a collaborator who is having problems with an Apple "Magic mouse" where he's always "accidentally zooming way...


07:18 pm Silo Bug #2872 (New): udata being leaked after DBClose


06:51 pm VisIt Bug #2853: Audit instances of ExpressionList search, add/replace
Yes, so ExpressionList does nothing to prevent the situation we had in avtVolumeFilter.C where the code was incorrect...


01:43 pm VisIt Bug #2853 (Pending): Audit instances of ExpressionList search, add/replace
BTW, preventing duplicate entries in the list is a performance hit, too. To prevent dups, we need to keep list sorted...


02:05 pm VisIt Bug #2839: Update documentation to indicate that eigenvector only works with symmetric tensors.
> So, the bottom line is that I believe it works for symmetric tensors and that is what our customers have.


09:14 pm VisIt Bug #2844 (Pending): Resolve GUI performance issues correctly on Trunk
I made a big effort to correct some GUI performance issues on RC.
One difference we'll have to take on trunk is t...

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