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Reported issues: 582


08:42 pm VisIt Feature #2824 (Pending): Fix GUI performance issues with large numbers of variables
Open sesame.pdb with Try Harder option set to 2. This will load a database with about 3500 mesh objects each with 5-1...


01:45 pm VisIt Bug #2821: 3d surface area query over time does not match query value
Just curious but is the query value on the 2nd timestep? Is there an obvious off-by-one error?
Also, don't know th...


02:26 pm VisIt Feature #2812 (Pending): Add metadata feature to automagically broadcast it
Until today, I hadn't realized that VisIt does indeed have the ability to broadcast a metadata object. This means a s...


11:50 am VisIt Bug #2774: Segfault when plotting large rectilinear grid
Paul Melis wrote:
> The total number of points in this dataset is more than 2^31 (1536*1536*1297 = 3,060,006,912...


08:55 pm VisIt Feature #2801 (Resolved): Does our ANSYS reader need an update?
There are a few different issues effecting behavior here not the least of which is some confusing ANSYS file format d...


05:54 pm VisIt Bug #2800 (Pending): Arbitrary vtp mesh with concave polygons rendering incorrectly
See attached picture and dataset
01:55 pm VisIt Feature #2799 (Rejected): install visit source in /usr/gapps when installing visit
when I need to debug a problem on scf, I often need a debug version of VisIt.
I can see a bunch of recent VisIt re...


01:30 pm VisIt Bug #2798 (Pending): funky interaction of active time slider with GetMetaData calls
Consider the following CLI script......


07:26 pm VisIt Feature #2793 (Developer Review): Can we simplify expressions to always work as node centered
This came up as result of user issue where a CLI script defining a number of expressions has required more and more u...


01:40 am VisIt Feature #2752: Enhance choose center to operate similarly to zone/node picks
In the viewer window, we have a cross-hair-n (for node picks) and cross-hair-z (for zone picks) for point-n-click pic...

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