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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assigned to Updated Target version Support Group OS
2835 VisItBugNewNormalMIROccured in data atts doesn't change after materials turned back onCyrus Harrison05/25/2017 07:18 pmAnyAll
2834 VisItBugPendingHighErroneous error message with onion peel.Eric BruggerKathleen Biagas05/25/2017 12:44 pm2.12.3AnyAll
2833 VisItBugPendingHighRestore session doesn't always track restore if a plot is hidden.Eric BruggerKevin Griffin05/25/2017 12:42 pm2.12.3AnyAll
2832 VisItBugPendingHighRestoring sessions doesn't restore selected files list properlyEric BruggerEric Brugger05/25/2017 12:41 pmAnyAll
2831 VisItBugPendingHighUsing an expression with value_for_material with material selection crashes VisIt.Eric BruggerCyrus Harrison05/25/2017 12:36 pm2.12.3AnyAll
2830 VisItFeaturePendingNormalupdate to conduit 0.3.0 and release initial blueprint pluginCyrus HarrisonCyrus Harrison05/25/2017 12:35 pm2.13.0AnyAll
2829 VisItFeaturePendingHighEnhance mdgmakemili to output the mili file in the current directory.Eric BruggerEric Brugger05/25/2017 12:34 pmAnyAll
2828 VisItFeaturePendingHighEnhance visit file to allow specifying a file name with wildcards.Eric Brugger05/25/2017 12:33 pm2.13.0AnyAll
2827 VisItBugPendingHighClipping a surface from a VTK file generated by VisIt gives an empty plot.Eric BruggerEric Brugger05/25/2017 12:30 pmAnyAll
2826 VisItBugPendingHighVery slow opening a file.Eric BruggerMark Miller05/25/2017 12:29 pm2.12.3AnyAll
2824 VisItFeaturePendingNormalFix GUI performance issues with large numbers of variablesMark MillerMark Miller05/25/2017 12:29 pm2.12.3AnyAll
2822 VisItBugPendingNormalSphere geometry not working with ddcMD reader.Eric Brugger05/25/2017 12:28 pmAnyAll
2821 VisItBugPendingHigh3d surface area query over time does not match query valueCyrus HarrisonKathleen Biagas05/25/2017 12:27 pmAnyAll
2819 VisItBugPendingNormalCurves with > 50,000 points don't save PlotInformationKathleen Biagas05/25/2017 12:26 pmAnyAll
2818 VisItBugPendingNormalLegend bounding box doesn't fully encompass top/bottom value labelsKevin Griffin05/25/2017 12:22 pmAnyAll
2817 VisItBugPendingNormalviewer debug 5 log has mega bytes of dotsCyrus Harrison05/25/2017 12:20 pmAnyAll
2816 VisItBugPendingHighProblem picking.Eric BruggerEric Brugger05/25/2017 12:19 pm2.12.3AnyAll
2815 VisItBugPendingNormaladd support for pvtk files that group legacy vtk.Cyrus Harrison05/25/2017 12:18 pm3.0AnyAll
2813 VisItFeaturePendingHighAdd subdivision option to Mesh plot attributesKevin Griffin05/25/2017 12:16 pmAnyAll
2812 VisItFeaturePendingNormalAdd metadata feature to automagically broadcast itMark Miller05/16/2017 07:01 pmAnyAll
2811 VisItBugPendingNormalextend use of rpath for python builds beyond gccCyrus HarrisonEric Brugger05/16/2017 06:59 pm2.12.3AnyAll
2809 VisItFeaturePendingNormalMoveable TriadKevin Griffin05/16/2017 06:58 pmAnyAll
2807 VisItFeaturePendingNormalAdd an expression to group variables or meshes together.Eric Brugger04/25/2017 06:39 pmAnyAll
2806 VisItBugNewNormalEigenvector expression returns incorrect results.Eric Brugger04/20/2017 04:34 pmAnyAll
2805 VisItBugPendingNormalProblem exporting a database with CLI when doing client/server.Eric BruggerKevin Griffin05/25/2017 12:55 pm2.13.0AnyAll

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