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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assigned to Updated Target version Support Group OS
2872 SiloBugNewNormaludata being leaked after DBClose Mark Miller07/26/2017 07:19 pmAnyAll
2871 VisItFeatureNewNormalPatch for VTK 8.0Eric Brugger07/26/2017 02:30 pmAnyAll
2870 VisItBugNewNormalShould Min/max labels also use current plot values?Kevin Griffin07/24/2017 03:21 pmAnyAll
2869 VisItBugNewNormalExtrude operator doesn't support unstructured, polygon dataKevin Griffin07/24/2017 11:57 amAnyAll
2868 VisItBugNewNormalSeedMe python module missing from VisIt 2.12.1 onwards on all platform buildsAmit Chourasia07/21/2017 12:55 pmAnyAll
2866 VisItBugNewNormalScatter plot wizard populating variable menu using previous database.Kathleen Biagas07/17/2017 01:04 pmAnyOSX
2865 VisItBugNewNormalScatter plot wizard no longer populates variable menusKathleen Biagas07/13/2017 01:07 pmAnyAll
2864 VisItBugNewNormalPopulating file list slow in directories with lots of files.Eric Brugger07/13/2017 03:41 pmAnyAll
2863 VisItBugNewNormalUpdate the contributors list in the GUI.Eric BruggerEric Brugger07/12/2017 04:48 pm2.12.4AnyAll
2862 VisItBugNewNormalVisIt still shows a dialog for selecting serial or parallel when a launch profile is made defaultKevin GriffinKevin Griffin07/11/2017 07:12 pmAnyAll
2861 VisItFeaturePendingNormalAdd crinkle clip functionality to VisIt.Eric Brugger07/11/2017 07:07 pmAnyAll
2860 VisItBugPendingNormalThe compression options should be greyed out with curve and ultra formats.Eric Brugger07/11/2017 07:06 pm2.12.4AnyAll
2859 VisItBugPendingNormalRemove TACC host profiles from our distributions.Eric BruggerEric Brugger07/11/2017 06:59 pm2.12.4AnyAll
2858 VisItFeaturePendingNormalRemove host profiles for rzzeus and rzmerl.Eric BruggerEric Brugger07/11/2017 06:57 pm2.12.4AnyAll
2856 VisItBugPendingNormalXDMF Reader does not preserve grid names in a spatial collection Andrey Andreyev07/11/2017 06:56 pmAnyAll
2855 VisItFeaturePendingHighAdd ability to remove a single pick instead of clearing allMatt LarsenMatt Larsen06/27/2017 06:33 pmAnyAll
2854 VisItFeaturePendingHighReturn multiple pick resultsMatt LarsenMatt Larsen06/27/2017 06:32 pmAnyAll
2853 VisItBugPendingNormalAudit instances of ExpressionList search, add/replaceMark Miller06/27/2017 06:51 pmAnyAll
2852 VisItBugPendingNormalTrouble making movie using low opacity valueKevin Griffin06/27/2017 06:28 pmAnyWindows
2851 VisItBugPendingNormalSpelling check_3rd_party_sat cmake macroCyrus HarrisonEric Brugger06/20/2017 06:55 pm2.13.0AnyAll
2850 VisItBugPendingNormalTime label not updated in Viewer for XDMF filesKevin Griffin06/20/2017 06:53 pmAnyAll
2849 VisItFeaturePendingNormalEnhance the Integrate query to operate over time.Eric Brugger06/20/2017 06:48 pmAnyAll
2848 VisItFeaturePendingNormalWould like access to ghost zone flags or ability to strip them out.Eric Brugger06/20/2017 06:45 pmAnyAll
2847 VisItBugPendingNormalxml2plugin generates wrong function prototype for avtDatabaseWriterKevin GriffinMark Miller06/20/2017 06:42 pm2.13.0AnyAll
2844 VisItBugPendingNormalResolve GUI performance issues correctly on TrunkMark MillerMark Miller06/13/2017 06:51 pm2.13.0AnyAll

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